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Saturday, 10:00 A.M.
Shabbat Morning Services

Kindly led by Interim Rabbi Melody Davis from Temple Covenant of Peace in Easton, PA


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Synagogue office is closed on Mondays and Fridays. Hours open: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

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Religious School

BAS Religious School welcomes all children ages 1-8th grade to enrolll in 2009-2010 program. Everyone is welcome.
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Educational/Religious Glossary

* Adar - The last month of the Jewish lunar year

* Aliyah - Blessings recited by honoree on being called to the Torah

* Aninut - Time period from death to burial

* Aron - Casket carrying the physical remains of a Jew

* Chesed shel emet - Compassionate concern and kindness of the living for a deceased

* Eyl Malei Rahamim - Memorial prayer recited at funeral service, on visiting a gravesite, during Yizkor services

* Hesped - Eulogy of tribute to a deceased

* Hevra Kadisha - Holy society of men or women who wash and clothe a deceased in keeping with Jewish tradition

* K'riah - Tear in a garment of a mourner

* K'vod Ha-met - Respect for the deceased

* K'vurah - Burial of the deceased

* Kaddish - Aramaic language prayer in praise of God, recited by mourners

* Kohen - One of three categories to designate a Jew based on birth lineage

* Levi - Category of Jew based on birth lineage

* Minhag - A Jewish custom, often becomes normative practice

* Minyan - Quorum of ten Jews required for public prayer

* Mishnah - Third century C.E. compilation of Jewish law

* Mitzvah - Divine (or Rabbinic) commandment incumbent to be fulfilled by Jews

* Nichum Avaylim - Comforting the mourners after burial and for the seven days of shivah

* Onen - Those individuals who have suffered a loss - after the death until the burial

* Pesach - Eight day holiday, Feast of Freedom

* Seudat Havra'a - Condolence meal served to mourners upon return from cemetery burial

* Sh'mini Atzeret - Eighth day of Assembly, immediately follows Sukkot, precedes Simhat Torah

* Shalom - Means peace, completeness; hello or goodbye

* Shanna - Year. Applies to the eleven months of Kaddish

* Shavuot - Two day holiday, seven weeks after Pesach, marks Giving of Torah by God to Jewish people

* Shivah - Seven day mourning period begins after burial

* Shloshim - Thirty day continuing mourning period; twenty three days plus shivah

* Shmirah - Attending to the deceased body, remaining at all times until burial

* Shomer - The person who attends to the body, recites psalms to honor deceased

* Tachrichim - Shrouds placed on deceased

* Taharah - Ritual washing of deceased by Hevra Kadisha Tehilim Psalms recited while attending to deceased

* Torah - Five Books of Moses (Bereshit-Genesis; Shemot-Exodus; VaYikra-Leviticus; BaMidbar- Numbers; Devarim-Deuteronomy)

* Tzedakah - Act of righteousness, donation in memory of deceased to a worthy organization

* Yahrzeit - Yiddish. Anniversary of a death

* Yisrael - Category of Jew based on birth lineage

* Yizkor - Remembrance. Memorial prayers recited at synagogue service on four Jewish holidays

* Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement - Twenty five hour period of reflection, prayer, repentance; non-eating or drinking by Jewish community

Glossary of religious terms taken from United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism guide.